Oct 17
Broken glass

Latest soundfx uploads

As usual, it’s been a busy few days here and I’ve been working through some sound requests as well as recording lots of new sounds I’ve had planned for a while. As I described in a blog post previously, we’ve had the wet season hit slightly earlier than expected, so gone are the sun soaked days of spring and in are very wet and windy conditions. For the normal person, this is a potentially depressing situation. For me it’s a golden opportunity to record wind and rain. So as you’d expect, there have been a few uploaded. But also some other sounds. Here is a brief run down.


I won’t go into huge detail here as you can read my previous posts of how a trip to the rainforests turned wet here  or some ideas on rain recording, which I actually did this week myself, and can be read here.

But there are many new free rain sound effects for you to download and use in your projects. There is rain in trees, on roofs, umbrellas, raincoats and much more. Download them here.

Glass inside glass

Weirdly, the idea for these sounds came to me when I was throwing out some recycling the other day. I accidentally dropped a glass jar. So to make life easy, I used the other one I didn’t drop and chucked the broken pieces inside it. So I used this for several broken glass shaking sounds, rolling on different surfaces and some movements. The idea behind this was that it may be useful as source audio for someone who is layering up glass breaks, debris or for explosions etc. Or if, for some reason someone needs to sound of broken glass pieces inside a glass jar, we have them too!

Cartoon characters and animals

A request came in via email for some more cartoon character laughing sound effects and some animals, specifically a dog growling and some bird squawks. These are simply my voice performing the requested noises and phrases and then pitching them up. This is a great technique if you every want to experiment with cartoon sounds. Pitching up voices gives them a much more comical tone. Also experiment with other sounds pitched up. A high pitch rubber band twang is good for cartoon pings, or ballon squeaks for squeezing or expanding sounds. Experiment and have fun!

Lots of new sound design elements

I’ve been playing around with synthesis and synths in general this week while the rain has been falling. I love frequency modulation synthesis as it can really produce some amazing sounds. I love also experimenting with effects processors such as compression and noise gates. I have been running drum loops through the side chain of these and using them to control the effect and create stutters, sweeps, hits and all sorts of strange sounds. I’ve uploaded them for you to download and use in your projects. Get them all and more here.

Bicycle wheels.

Lastly, I had to fix my son’s bike, so while I had it inside, I recorded several sounds of peddling and the sprocket sounds of the gears. Nothing ground breaking, but if you need them, head over to our bicycle category.

Can’t find what you need here, let me know. Or I recommend you also check out freesound.org

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