New upload feature for contributors

It’s with great pleasure I can announce the launch of our contributor upload feature on, allowing anyone who wants to share the sound effects they have created for free with the community. Before this, contributors had to send us their sounds via Dropbox or other link which was cumbersome. Now all you need to do if you want to join the contributor community is log in, click the ‘upload sounds’ link in the main menu (only logged in members can see the link) and fill out the form. We’ll be notified of your upload, check the sounds out and if all good, we’ll upgrade your account to a contributor account. Also you’ll be able to do more, such as edit your profile, set links to your website and add a biography. Your sounds will be uploaded and added to the library.

The minimum requirements

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, there are a few things you need to be aware of. We only accept high quality recordings that have been edited well and are useful to our members. Therefore we look out for the following:


  • The sounds have been professionally recorded – This doesn’t mean necessarily mean using a Sound Devices recorder with high-end microphones. If you use, for example, a Zoom H1 and are skilled enough to capture great audio with it, we’ll happily add it. How you’ve edited the sounds also is important. Start and end points shouldn’t click in or out and normalisation where required is important. Clean recordings are what we want.
  • We only accept wav or b-wav audio files and you should if you can embed meta data. They should be at a minimum 44.1kHz and 16bit. Any lower formats will not be accepted.
  • You must own the recordings or have the rights to upload and distribute them via our website. If you don’t you’ll likely be breaking the law, leaving yourself open to possible legal implications. That’s the last thing anyone wants!


What do you get from sharing your sounds?

Our platform is one that everyone benefits from. The contributor gets to share his or her work with an amazing, vibrant community full of young aspiring and enthusiastic students, media creatives, production companies, broadcasters and more. Contributors also gain from brand exposure to our hundreds of thousands of members. That new member using your sounds in their YouTube video today, just might be a TV producer in a few years and they’ll remember your sounds and your name from here!

There are lots of exciting new features coming for contributors soon, so watch this space. More information on becoming a contributor can be found here.

I'm the founder of, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx 🙂