Sound Wave now featuring 24,000+ free sound effects

It’s been another busy day here and I’ve just uploaded 55 new free impact sound effects. In fact, since the last blog post (I’ve been so busy I’ve not had a chance to update the blog as much as normal) I think over 1000 new soundfx have been added to the library. You’ll likely have noticed we’ve now more than 24,000 free sound effects to download.

So while it’s too big a task for me to go through and list all these latest additions, here are some recently added:


Our impacts library is almost at 1000 and includes everything from metal hits, thuds, glass smashes and breaks, plastic and all other types of impact sound effects. Today I decided to see how many useful impacts I could record around the house, so armed with my trusty Sony PCM D100 I literally went around hitting anything and everything I could find. This included tables, chairs, wooden walls, doors, old plastic watering cans and more.

Once I had the sounds recorded, I edited them down in Adobe Audition, employing lots of different techniques such as changing the pitch, brightening with EQ, adding reverbs and more.

Distant Explosions

I’ve been asked many times to add more distant explosions and it seems our members just can’t get enough. So today I added some more. Creating these simply required some creative thinking and rather than go out trying to record explosions, I simply used some objects around the home.

These ranged from metal and plastic through to simply banging my hands together, then in Adobe, I used pitch shifting to lower the frequencies and create a deep boom. Some subtle reverb to add some distance perspective was added and the sounds were complete. They can be downloaded in our explosions category.

Vocal elements

Last week I spent hours recording vocal phrases that had been requested by one of our members. Mostly these were phrases spoken by an old teacher (I think they were for an app). I simply recorded myself saying the phrases such as ‘detention’ and ‘sit down’ etc. To give myself an older voice, I used some pitch shifting which worked well.

There are lots of other new sounds for you to download and use, so I recommend you search or browse our categories.

More new sounds coming tomorrow!

I'm the founder of, creator of a large portion of the sound effects you'll find here. I hope you enjoy the site and sfx 🙂