New Free SFX Releases

Scratches on rusty metal

Huge metal scrapes, marker pens writing, drawing and more

This week has started with a real bang, well more of a scrape. After a weekend of illness, today I had big plans to record some huge metal impacts among other sounds using some metal props I collected last week. I’ll explain more below… Metal scrapes I came across a large sheet of corrugated metal and managed to get it back to the studio. The plan was to throw it on the ground, up against some wal... »

Geometry Set

Loads of new sounds just added including rulers, compasses, pencils and more

It’s been another very busy week and I’ve just spent the entire day editing down a large batch of new sound effects. In fact there were so many, I’ve not managed to finish them all, but will do so on Monday. I had several requests come through so have spent the week trying to catch up, which I mostly have. I also went on a trip to my favourite dollar store to make some purchases for Foley recordin... »

Cardboard texture

65 new free sound effects added including cardboard, metal and more

I’ve been working on some new requests today as well as some sounds that have been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited. It’s often hard to keep up with the sheer number of requests and also sounds I have recorded myself, so apologies if you’re waiting for a request to be completed. I am working on them all. Today saw me edit and upload 65 new free sound effects which I have detailed belo... »

Orange banner

215 new free sound effects

A very busy day has just ended with the editing down of 215 new free sound effects which are being uploaded over the next 2 days. Today I released the first batch which I’ll detail below. This week is also busy one as we’ve got a new batch of sounds sent over by Free To Use Sounds, as well as 2 new locations set up for recording. Keep watching this space for more information and check back again t... »


Another day and 83 new free sound effects just added

We’ve just uploaded a new batch of free sound effects to our library which you can download now. They include a range of Foley sounds of which just a few are listed below… Cardboard While we have loads of cardboard sounds in the library, there are always some we are missing. I spent the morning browsing other online sfx libraries to get some ideas on where we fall short and then went and recorded ... »


71 new free sound effects just added

Today I’ve been working on the backlog of requests that have come through. I’ve been pretty busy recently so apologies to anyone who has requested sounds that have not yet been completed. I am working on them all now. One of our members has been working on a horror movie and has asked for a large set of specific Foley sounds to help save him some time in post production. So I’ve been helping him o... »

Ripped jeans

26,000 free sound effects to download

Another busy day was spent in the studio today (plus some hours spent recording at a new location which will be revealed soon). I had over 200 new sounds recorded over the last few days waiting to be edited down. Here is a quick breakdown of just some of the new soundfx that have just been uploaded. Denim jeans I found an old pair of denim jeans at the back of my wardrobe this week and just as I w... »

Thailand Wetlands

Loads of new free sound effects including Asia nature ambiences

Today was another busy day recording and editing and then also uploading some sound effects that have been waiting to go up for a while. I’ve been busy in the Foley studio yesterday and today recording some sounds that had been requested and also just general sounds I decided were needed in the library. Our contributor Marcel Gnauk of Free to Use Sounds also sent a huge 3GB file last night that co... »

American Football Match

New free sound effects: American football match, traffic, jungles and sounds from Thailand

Our contributor Marcel Gnauk from has been very busy recording more amazing sound effects on his travels of the globe and today we’ve added 55 new sounds that include the crowd at an America football match, jungle ambiences and other sounds from Thailand. As usual the quality of the contributed sounds is amazing, recorded using only professional recorders and microphones an... »

Thai jungle

10 new Thailand jungle ambiences just added

If you’ve ever watched a wildlife program set in the heart of a tropical rainforest or jungle, you’ll know the lush tone the insects, birds and other animals make and just how beautiful it sounds. Recording on such locations can be tricky, just gaining access, battling the heat, humidity, rain, mosquito and other elements can test even the most experienced and hardy location sound recordist. While... »