New Free SFX Releases


More new free sound effects just added

As Christmas fast approaches, things tend to slow down with regards to sound effects usage and also creation in the industry. Most production companies have already put together their festive programmes and media, students have broken up for the holidays and people are often more inclined to party than work. But that’s not the case here, as I’ve been working hard to bring even more free sound effe... »

Waves on rocks

Recording the ocean: rock pools

I’ve lived by the ocean all my life. Firstly Portsmouth UK, then Brighton, Worthing (both UK) and now as many of you who have read these posts will know, Queensland Australia. My local beach is Mudjimba, a long sandy beach that stretches for many kilometres. Waves can be huge surf or smaller shore breaks. Not so far away (about 30km) is Caloundra, the southern most town on the Sunshine Coast and h... »

Car in rain

Latest sound requests

The sound effect requests have been flying in recently so I’ve been doing my best to make as many as I can. Today I’ve released 44 new free sfx that are a mixture of these, so here is a run down of some of them. Rubber stretches and squeaks A member has asked for some more rubber stretches and squeaks. They wanted them for a cartoon, but I wanted to create some that were generic and that could be ... »


New soundfx added: frogs, sleigh bells and more

Today I’ve uploaded 64 new free sound effects which are available to download instantly from the library. As normal, some of these new sounds are requests and some are just sounds I’ve recorded as we needed them. Here is a breakdown of just some of the new additions: Sleigh Bells Weirdly I remember recording some sleigh bells a year or so ago, but when I received a request on our Q&A forum, I ... »


We’ve exceeded 18,000 free sound effects

Today we uploaded our 18,000th free sound effect marking a step closer to our 20,000 goal for the year (okay it was 22,000 but I’ve had to be realistic). As always, the focus of our sounds is quality not quantity, however now this is a full-time thing for me, recording for up to 10 hours a day means the library really is growing fast. I work on a mixture of requests from members and sounds I recor... »


New releases

It’s been a rather wet week here in Queensland so that meant two things: there is plenty of rain to record and a fair bit of studio time to be had too. But I never let a bit of water spoil the fun and it just gave me lots of opportunities for new free sound effects. Here is a selection of new sounds recorded so far this week. Waterfalls I just can’t resist taking time out to walk through the beaut... »

Scratched Surface

Trucks, cars and traffic and lots of new scratching sound effects

If you’ve followed my rambling posts here in the blog, you’ll probably know I love nothing more than spending time outdoors in natural environments from the beach to the forest. It’s a great excuse to get out and record in those environments so I relish the chance when I get it. However there comes a time when you’re called on the record other sounds, so yesterday and today I’ve been out recording... »

Water Splash

91 new free sound effects just added

Another day and another load of new free sound effects have been recorded and added to I have a list of soundfx I want to create or record so work my way through it when I have time. Here is a short list of just some of the new sound effects created today… Acid Burns Although we had a few of these already, I’ve been wanting to boost the numbers by creating more so I set about that to... »

Fern plant

More free sound effects just added

Today was a busy one with two sets of uploads taking place. I’d fulfilled some requests this morning, then spent the afternoon and about on location, so here is what I’ve been up to. There were several requests for sound effects posted in the last few days so I’ve struggled to keep on top of them. However today most of them were recorded and added to Sipping tea or coffee Seriously, ... »

Sound Wave

Cartoon slime, whistles, doors and more free sfx just added

I’ve uploaded a few less sounds than normal this week due to having some family commitments, but over 200 new have been uploaded. As always they can be downloaded for free. Here is a small list of just some of the new releases this week. Cartoon slime Sometimes you get an idea for a new set of sound effects from the most unexpected of places or situations. Just the other day my daughter came home ... »