New Releases

Broken glass

Latest soundfx uploads

As usual, it’s been a busy few days here and I’ve been working through some sound requests as well as recording lots of new sounds I’ve had planned for a while. As I described in a blog post previously, we’ve had the wet season hit slightly earlier than expected, so gone are the sun soaked days of spring and in are very wet and windy conditions. For the normal person, this ... »

Ocean surf

Latest releases including ocean surf, wet towels, lilos and more

Another few days have passed and more free sound effects have just been recorded and added for you to download and use in your projects. As usual, they are available as both mp3 files for Basic members and .wav files for Gold members. I’ll be out recording many more sounds this weekend and adding them over the course of Sunday and Monday. Next week I’ve some interesting recording sessi... »


Lots of new sounds just added including sharks!

When someone asks if you can record the sound of a shark feeding at the surface of water, you instantly think to yourself, hmmm. That was the predicament I found myself in this week. So here are some of the soundfx I’ve just added and how I created them. Sharks and Dolphins When I was asked if I could create the sounds of a shark feeding at the surface of the water, the first thing that went... »


40 new free soundfx just added

Ready for you to download are 40 sparkly new free sound effects, available in the usual mp3 or wav format. Mostly these new sounds are a result of some experiments for an upcoming project and we thought many of you here will find them useful. Rock movements I wanted to capture the sound of some medium sized rock movements, like the kind of movements a rock climber or caver may make while moving ro... »

Piano Keys

New royalty fee music and sound effects added today

We’ve just released 29 new free royalty free music tracks and 102 new free sound effects for you to download in both mp3 and wav format. So we thought we’d introduce you to our latest music contributor and also tell you a little about the new soundfx in a quick update. Welcome to David-Gwyn Jones We’re extremely proud to be able to offer David’s mix of music to our library ... »


New free soundfx just added

More requests have been pouring in this week (some still in progress) but we’ve just released a load of them into the library. These include everything from some specific balloon air releases in water, more sword swings, but this time with a metal ring to each swipe and more. Here are just a few of them. Balloon air releases We’ve already got a fair few of these available, but we’... »

Wooden Ship Pulleys

16,000 free sound effects and counting

It’s with great pleasure we can announce the upload of our 16,000th free sound effect. It’s been a normal busy month for us here and we’ve been really busy working on user requests and more content for the library. There has been quite a range of new sounds created, so here is a little break down of the most recent: Galleon boat movements We have been asked a couple of times if w... »


New releases and upcoming sounds

We’ve just added 76 new free sound effects and have over 200 more to come this week. These include a wide range of new sounds from food to aliens. The latter was inspired by some horror and science fiction movies we watched together over the weekend (partly for brainstorming) and we came up with some concepts. When we are short of ideas, or struggling to find the right sound for something, w... »

Recording hair cutting sound effects

Latest free sound effects releases: Hair cutting, bicycle brakes, doors and more!

Another week and many more free sound effects have been recorded and added to our library for you to download. As always all these new sounds are available as both mp3 and wav files. Some of the sounds added are from member requests which we’ll detail below. Others were sounds we either realised we were missing or we simply came across and recorded them. Scissors cutting hair This was reques... »

Game blocks

New free sound effects pack

Inspired by the old arcade games I found myself playing as a child, from Pac-Man through to the (now not so) advanced car racing games, I decided to create a free retro game sound effects pack that focused mainly on the musical elements, but not the music itself. Think early Mario. Sometimes recreating the raw, lo-fi sound takes a bit more effort than designing modern game sounds. Modern synthesiz... »