Jul 11

183 new sounds just added

It’s been another busy few days here in our studio and we’ve been working on a lot of new free sound effects for you to download. In fact we’ve just added 183 new sounds which we know you’ll find useful and brings the total number of sounds to over 14,000. A breakdown is below. We’re also about to release two new sound effects packs, Popcorn and Paper.


This was a really fun recording session, not only because I love popcorn (and yes, once we finished, we ate it) but the whole studio was filled with the smell of freshly popped corn, bringing back memories of visiting the cinema as a kid. But this session aim was to capture as many popcorn sound effects as we could. So we bought a pack of microwavable popcorn and set to work.

I like to work in sequence, so to record as many different sound variations and combinations as possible from a single sound source. So first up, while the popcorn was still in the wrapper, I recorded some Foley movements, handling, placing down, picking up etc of the pack. Next I opened it up (recorded that too) and recorded a load of sounds of the paper bag the popcorn comes in too.

Into the microwave oven was next and we recorded the popping, then once ready we got to work doing anything and everything we could with the freshly popped corn. Hands into the bag, squashing, tipping into bowls, grabbing handfuls, spilling, eating (obviously) were just some of the sound effects we recorded.

The entire range of popcorn sounds can be found in our Food sound effects category.

Sticky Tape Squeaks

This was a bit of an experiment and one that came about after one of my children managed to stick some sticky tape from one end of his bed to the other. I heard him rubbing his finger along the stretched out tape laughing at the sound it made (don’t know where he gets that from). So, recreating the masterpiece back in the studio I stretched several lengths of tape from one end of the room to the other and recorded lots of different rubbing and squeaking sounds. The results are brilliant and have many uses, from cartoon stretch and expanding sound effects through to some excellent sound design elements.

Go grab them here

Tent Sound Effects

This recording session came about after a failed camping trip last weekend. My family and I were traveling up to our campsite but unfortunately our car broke down, leaving us stranded by the side of the road in the pouring rain. Once we got ourselves and all our camping gear home, we had a spare weekend so I set the tent up and got recording. There has long been a gap in our library for tent sound effects so I was keen to record and add some. I’ll be adding  more soon too. However in this session I recorded tent zippers, ground sheets, tent movements, poles, pegs and rain on the tent.

Go grab them in our new free tent sound effects category

Drinks Can

Not because there are always lots of empty beer cans in my trashcan (honestly), I found some empty drinks cans and set about getting a variety of sounds from them. We already had a few, so these were purely an addition to those. Using two empty cans, I recorded a variety of drops, crushes, drags and rolls on the ground. They and many more can be downloaded free here.

We also spent a lot of time recording other free sound effects, including kisses, air sucking through lips (just because I was bored) velcro rips, more fidget spinners, some board games and much more.

About The Author

I'm the founder of zapsplat.com and professional sound designer. I provide free sound effects for games, TV, radio, filmmaking, podcasts, YouTube and more. You can download all my sounds free as mp3 and wav files here at ZapSplat.

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