Royalty Free Music Releases

Microphone and headphones

And now for something rather different

Sound is a vital element in so many media works, which is why we strive to keep finding sound effects contributors, in order to grow the number and variety of sounds at your disposal. Equally important in most projects however is music. It is vital for setting the tone of a scene, for guiding the audience of a film or the players of a game into the feelings the producers want them to have. Because... »

Royalty free music - keyboard

New royalty free music just added to the library

We’ve been working hard in the studio recording new sound effects and music, and today we announce the release of a few new royalty free music tracks. Below you’ll find some short descriptions of each. Stay Away Inspired my rap and hip hop artists such as Eminem, this instrumental track features a simple, repetitive theme that’s set with a staccato bass, classic hip hop style dru... »


New royalty free music track

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve recently separated our royalty free music category from the main sound effects lists and now have all our tracks listed as separate items here. The reason we’ve done this is to give more importance to our growing range of royalty free music. In fact, we now plan to add even more each week, have upgraded our software (we now use Logic Pro instead of an older ... »

Music Studio

New free royalty free music track uploaded: Ultimatum

I just finished composing the latest royalty free music track and uploaded it to the library. I’ve been working on loads of different musical genres recently, but this one was a little bit of a throw back to my younger days. I used to be a DJ in my hometown of Brighton, UK, and while my main love was for funky disco house, I’d occasionally play some harder stuff. I started working on ‘Ultimatum’ m... »


Four new free royalty free music tracks

Part of the drive to increase our range of royalty free music is to record around two new tracks a week. So last week, after the release of Return to Ankara, a Turkish themed song, I also release four new music tracks. Here are the details: Undercover I’m a lover of crime movies and as such the music that goes with them. So first on the agenda was to write some simple underscores that our users ca... »


New royalty free music just released

As part of our commitment to release more royalty free music, this week we released two new tracks, and with loads more in production there will be more to come in the new year. Here is a quick look at the 2 new songs added… Summer Fun This particular track was written in the winter, not that we get cold winters here in Australia, but I got the inspiration from watching some young surfers down the... »

Milky Way

Milky Way, a new royalty free music track added

I’ve probably 20 or more royalty free music tracks on my hard drive that are just about complete but have taken a bit of a back seat while I focus on sfx and also some updates to, so I’ll be finding some time in the next couple of weeks to finish them off and upload them. However, when I got my new Macbook Pro a couple of weeks ago, I was keen to have a play around with GarageBand, th... »