Cartoon Explosion now with 12,000+ free sound effects

We’ve just uploaded our 12,000 free sound effect which is a bit of a landmark here at It’s pretty much doubled our library since launch back in 2015 and we’ve been picking up the pace ever since. the latest batch of sounds consists of: cartoon squelches, holdalls, parcels, tins and much more. is a labour of love for us. As you’ll be aware if you’ve been following our blog posts, we work full-time on bringing you free sound effects and while we make some money fro donations, most of what we earn is ploughed straight back into growing the library, updating the website and promoting our amazing range of free sound effects. Next on the car... »


New free sound effects: ice cracking, smashing, icy water and more

It’s finally here in the UK, winter has arrived and with it comes our annual season of numb feet, colds and (hopefully) snow, not that we get much where we are. So with out so much of a hesitation, I packed up my recording equipment, put on 12 pairs of socks, gloves, a hat etc and off i went to the local forest. The aim, to record icy footsteps, ice cracks (they have massive puddles there) and whatever else I could find. True to form, this forest didn’t disappoint. The usual deep puddles were there and as anticipated, frozen over. This gave me the opportunity to record several sound effects from ice cracks (various pressures, leading to breaks), ice shard movements and smashes an... »

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, 2017

We’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to all our members and visitors. 2016 has been a busy but successful year for us here, seeing our range of free sound effects grow from just a few thousand to almost 12,000 amazing high quality mp3 and WAV files. We have also gained over 20,000 members. What’s next for us in 2017? It’s going to be another busy year… We’ve many thousands more free sound effects coming your way. In fact we aim to reach 22,000 free sound effects for you to download by December 2017, we will be working with many more libraries to bring you more third party contributors and we aim to launch our new free royalty free music range... »


Brand new free sound effects just uploaded

We’ve just added 42 new free sound effects that we’ve been asked for by you, our members. This latest instalment includes: Cabinet doors and drawers opening and closing, games, toys, electrical buzzing and much more. Funnily enough our users request certain Foley sound effects from us often to replicate a particular type of unit or action. Often, someone will require the sound, for example, of an antique, heavy wooden draw opening and they just can’t find that suits. They send us a picture of what the actual one looks like and then we work from that. However it’s often easier for us to manipulate a recording of another unit (maybe a smaller, modern one) and apply effe... »


80 new sound effects added

We’ve just added 80 new free sound effects that many of you will probably know as staple sounds from the festive period. If like us, your family spends much of Christmas squashed around a table, slightly merry on wine while playing an array of classic board games then these sounds might just be familiar! Yahtzee and Rummikub Yes, those old classics… and we recorded as many sounds from these classic games as possible from dice shakes and throws through to box movements and score cards. These sounds will also prove generic, so if it’s another game such as Monopoly, these will also fit the job. What else have we been recording? This latest sound effects release also brings loa... »

Welcome to our new free sound effects contributor, Foley Walkers

Welcome to our new free sound effects contributor, Foley Walkers

It’s with great pleasure we welcome our latest free sound effects contributor, Foley Walkers. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Foley Walkers is a team of professional Foley artists creating sound effects for films, television programmes, animations, commercials, games and more. Their latest project is the game Battlefield 1. Working from their fully equipped audio post production studio, they create sound effects remotely, allowing them to provide a full sound production service to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to hire a company to help provide the sound effects for your project, head over to their website to find out more information.   You ca... »

Broken Glass

New free sound effects: broken glass, cartoon fx, science fiction and more…

It’s been a busy few weeks here at and we’ve been working on a fair few requests for new sound effects. As such, today we’ve released 44 new sounds which include: Science fiction robots We are literally always being asked for new science fiction sounds including everything from forcefields to robots. This week we were asked if we could provide a specific sounding forcefield that had a certain drone and some static clicks in it. After some experimentation, we were able to get the desired sound for our user which can be found here. Another user requested to sound of a robot dying… we created a couple of versions which includes a kind of flatlining, and anot... »


Chiptone sound effects generator

A few weeks ago we told you about how we had used BFXR to create some retro 8-bit style game sound effects. The tool is a fantastic way to quickly generate useful tones that are not only ideal for games, but have a whole range of uses. We have even managed to get some good science fiction sound effects from it which we have posted here. But there is another, just as useful free tool out there…. introducing Chiptone. Chiptone is the work of Tom Vian of SBF Games which to be fair, has a lot more packed in the BFXR. His highly useful little tool also comes with a sampler, vocoder and sequencer, although at the time of this writing we’ve yet to fully test them. However the tool is, l... »


Designing Sound Exchange

Back in June 2016, opened their Exchange, a great questions and answers forum for sound designers to exchange info and get answers to the questions they ask. A quick browse shows all manner of questions having being asked from how to get your recording gear back through security screenings at airports through to ‘the most amazing backward sound’… it really is a great little community to get involved with. But, like so many online ventures, it seems they have had some trouble getting people on board and using the service. So, as an incentive to getting interactive, the Designing Sound team have put together a fantastic range of prizes to be awarded to the ... »

Blastwave FX

Welcome to our latest free sound effects contributor: Blastwave FX

The renowned sound effects library Blastwave FX has just contributed 200 HD free sound effects to and all are available to download now in both mp3 and .wav. Sounds contributed span a wide range of genres and include: impacts, weapons, explosions, animals and insects, vehicles, humans and much more! Blastwave FX is the world’s largest producer of sound effects and develops next-generation, high definition sound effects libraries. Based in Detroit, the team (headed by Ric Viers) record, design and release new innovative sound libraries with rich metadata all of which are available on their website Ric himself is the author of several books, including The... »