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Meet the Contributors

Zapsplat would be nothing without the community of contributors that support us. Each brings their own take on sound design, their own methods for producing evocative sound effects or valuable source material. Up to now, users have been able to access contributors’ profiles by clicking on them as they come across sounds they find useful. But say you’re a talent scout or a sound library distributor looking for quality assets or someone to hire for a particular project. Say you’ve just completed the sound design for a major project and want to have an easy way of providing comprehensive attribution to the sound creators that helped you out. Say you came across sounds by a par... »

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A bumper Batch of Blockbuster Quality

We’ve had a huge influx of new sound effects lately, much of it from brand new contributors. This article is a whistle-stop tour of some of those sounds and, more importantly, a chance to introduce our latest sound designers and recordists. Before we get into that though, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all our contributors, both new and long-standing for the awesome quality and diversity they bring to Zapsplat through their sound effects. I’m always impressed by the fact that none of them pull any punches with the sounds they give us. They don’t give us the sounds that didn’t make the cut for their commercial work. Rather, all the sounds here are every bit as... »

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We’ve reached 30,000 Sound Effects – Get a free pack of pro sounds by Audio Hero

Today we’ve reached 30,000+ free sound effects! This milestone is one we’ve been working towards for some time, and today we’re extremely pleased to be able to announce it. And there’s only one way to celebrate, that’s with a free pack of sounds by our fabulous contributor Audio Hero. Free pack of 100 professional sound effects by Audio Hero! Who are Audio Hero? Well if you’ve been using for a while, you’ll likely have noticed they’ve contributed some amazing sound effects and royalty free music. Audio Hero is a tremendous online library of more than 250,000 sound effects and music tracks available to you for immediate search and d... »

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Just Do it: Keep on Keeping on

So much can stand between a sound designer or recordist and their creative goals. You may have a brilliant idea in your head, but factors such as equipment, experience, technical skills, self-confidence and environmental problems, such as unwanted aircraft, car radios etc, to name but a few, all conspire to make the road a difficult one. Understandably, this can make it seem very daunting This series of articles will address some of these factors and what to do about them, if indeed anything can be done, but, if it can’t, perhaps nothing needs to be done. Perhaps, despite the difficulties, you should just do it anyway and see what happens.   If it Wasn’t for Bad Luck… ... »

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Making Bullets Whizz

Recently, a Zapsplat member requested a bullet sound effect and I thought I’d give creating some a try. In this article, I’ll explore what makes a good gun-fight for me from a sound perspective, the role bullets play and my influences when trying to create my own bullet sounds. Then I’ll go through how I created the bullet wiz sound effects you can find on the site, including details of my process – the source material and plugins I used etc.   Growing up with Guns There were two categories of sound design that really drew me to the art as a child. The first was the futuristic sound of children’s cartoons such as Defenders of the Earth and Thundercats, as w... »

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Interview: Sound Designer Stosh Tuszynski of Collected Transients

Collected Transients is a company with a well-deserved reputation for producing ground-breaking, innovative and dangerous sound effects libraries and their latest release, “Combustion”, which has just come out and is currently on sale, certainly ticks all those boxes. Featuring everything that burns from hazardous chemicals to a 25-foot cannon, it contains vast sound design potential. Check out the demo below. I was lucky enough to catch Stosh Tuszynski, the company’s owner, for an interview, where he told me a little about his background, his creative process and the work that went into producing “Combustion” and his other libraries. Oh and by the way, (ZS = Ju... »

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New sounds: F1 cars, horror drones and game tones

Today has seen three batches of new sounds added to the library totaling 84 new free soundfx. These have been contributed by the amazing Marcel Gnauk and Scott Lawlor, with the game tones added by myself. Here is a quick break down of what you’ll find that’s new when you browse the library today! F1 racing cars As many of you will know, Marcel of Free To Use Sounds regularly contributes sounds. In fact he contributes so fast, I sometimes struggle to keep up. On his travels around the world with partner Libby, they have captured some amazing recordings, from wild weather right through to industrial ambiences and more. They’re currently in Singapore and among a large batch of... »

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Water sizzles, dog barks and 71 new free sounds just added

It was an unintentionally busy weekend that just passed, where I got the rare chance for a few hours recording time alone. Normally Saturday and Sunday is spent as family time, however, this weekend there were a few kids things happening and so I grabbed a couple of hours and recorded some sounds I have been planning for a while. Water sizzles The sound of water hitting a red hot metal surface, or the sound of a red hot metal object being submerged in water is one I have always loved and also loved recording. It’s also pretty easy to set up and record such sounds, with all you really needing is something metal and some fire (oh and water). So while the kids were out, I set up a small a... »

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New royalty free music just added to the library

We’ve been working hard in the studio recording new sound effects and music, and today we announce the release of a few new royalty free music tracks. Below you’ll find some short descriptions of each. Stay Away Inspired my rap and hip hop artists such as Eminem, this instrumental track features a simple, repetitive theme that’s set with a staccato bass, classic hip hop style drum loop and piano rhythm. Warm synth pads sit underneath leading into a first guitar break, then into a second more driving electric guitar riff with a bit more attitude. This track is perfect for many applications, so we suggest you take a listen for yourself, here. Be Mine Originally inspired by th... »

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2 new free sound effects packs just added

Today we released two new free sound effect packs. As an ongoing drive to introduce not only thousands of individual sounds, we want to expand our collections. We know from feedback how important it is to our members to have access to themed packs that can be downloaded quickly and easily, taking the hassle out of searching and downloading similar sounds individually. The two new packs below contain sounds already in our library, however these can all be downloaded as mp3 (for Basic members) or uncompressed wav (for Gold members) with the click of a button.   High Heeled Footsteps Recorded using professional microphones and recorders, this pack contains 91 high heel footstep sound effec... »