App and Game Icons

Creating interactive sound effects for apps, games and digital interfaces

Digital media is well upon us, with the average adult spending around 5.6 hours per day in the USA using it as of this writing. (Data from Mobile apps and games on your mobile/cell phone or tablet are used around the world and children are using such devices from an increasingly young age. Sound design for apps and games and other digital media is an excellent market to target if you are wanting to create sound effect packs or libraries aimed specifically at developers for these genres and it doesn’t have to be that difficult to create some really useable sounds. As a sound designer, ... »

Recording Pigs

Be confident to record great sound effects

As any sound designer of field recordist will tell you, getting access to great locations or particular sources for sound effects is vital to build a useful and diverse library. Great, you may think, but it isn’t always as easy as just turning up. I’m a confident person. I never really shy away from anything. However, it wasn’t always this way. When I first started recording, I’d take my Beyer MCE 72 microphone and Marantz PMD670 recorder out and off I’d go, eager to capture amazing sound effects. Setting up my gear and recording lovely ambiences was no problem. I could handle the strange looks, or curious questions I’d get. But I’d struggle to just ... »


Video: A day in the life of a sound designer & Field Recordist (Soundbits)

I’m often asked about how I capture sound effects. ‘What sort of things do you record?’ is a common one and ‘how do you go about getting those sounds?’ is another. Recording sound effects is so much more involved than just going out, sticking a microphone in front of something and hitting the record button. The process often involves much research, preparation and time to get great recordings. Often permission requires to be sought for a location, sometimes traveling long distances. Then once you’ve captured your sound effect recordings, it’s off to the studio to edit them down. One of our contributors, SoundBits, produced this entertaining yet fanta... »

DIY recording equipment

DIY hacks that will make recording sound easier

Have you ever thought about upgrading your sound recording equipment but the cost halted you in your tracks? Not everyone can afford to go and buy all the gear required to record sound on location. Even if you can, a back up boom pole or windshield are always handy to have in case of an accident. So here are a few examples of ways to save money and make your own…   DIY boom pole for less than $20 If you ever have had problems recording sound effects on location, for example sounds that are out of reach or too dangerous to get close to, or need a boom pole to stay out of camera, this excellent video by Indy Mogul shows you how to make one yourself.     Make your own ̵... »


The art of creating sound effects: Foley

When you watch a film, animation, cartoon or TV programme, you probably don’t give much thought to the sound. Taking my kids to watch Kung Foo Panda 3 at the cinema this week make me appreciate just how much time and effort goes into creating the sound for the aforementioned media products. The imagery on screen would be worth so much less if it wasn’t so beautifully accompanied by the immense range of sound effects and music. Foley is the art of performing sound to picture, traditionally on a Foley stage by Foley artists. However the term Foley has become synonymous with general sound effects in libraries these days, often as a miscellaneous category. But the art of Foley is one... »

Noise Creations

New free sound effects contributor: Noise Creations

Our latest free sound effects contributor is Noise Creations, a library dedicated to creating high quality professional sound effects with a focus on those sounds that are hard or particularly time consuming to acquire. Based in the UK, Noise Creations is fronted by Callum Tennick and Phillip Moroz. Since they launched in 2013, their services have extended to also provide post production from Foley and sound design right through to the final mix. Noise Creations brings a wide range of sounds to, from industrial tools, trucks and machinery to multimedia tones, transitions and even animals. We are sure you’ll find their sound effects extremely useful. If you want to hear mor... »

Bottle Rocket FX

Bottle Rocket FX brings hundreds of new free sound effects

We’d like to give a warm welcome to Bottle Rocket FX, who bring over 300 new free sound effects. They have very kindly shared their impacts library that includes over 300 stunning impacts, swells, rises and transitions, ideal for cinematic trailers, games, apps and more. Bottle Rocket FX was created in 2010 by sound designer Bruce Bueckert of Juice Studios, as a sound effects library for film, television, games and more. All the sounds are available as .mp3 and .wav which contain full metadata. Bruce is a highly experienced sound designer having worked on projects for Juice Studios such as Lexus, Ford, Honda, POM Wonderful, NFL Network, Fiji Water and Wonderful Pistachios as well as wo... »

Sound wave illustration

New social network for sound designers and audio creatives launched

It is with great pleasure and excitement we can announce the launch of, a new social network aimed specifically at people working with sound in the television, radio, film, game and media industries. Image shared with consent of members who are displayed offers a traditional social network, with features you’d expect such as ‘following’ people of interest to see their updates, posting your own updates into your wall, sharing videos, images and audio files, joining groups, creating pages for business, events and more. Founder Alan McKinney said of the service We’ve been asked many times by users of our sound effects library if we knew a reso... »

Glitched Tones

Introducing Glitchedtones, our latest free sound effects contributor

Welcome to Glitchedtones, our latest free sound effects contributor, bringing 40 new sound effects. The unique collection features everything from harsh noisescapes, electronic buzzing and drones, feedback, glitches, hum, machines gone wild, interference, static and more. If your producing for radio, TV, a film or a game, these raw, harsh sound effects are perfect for you. Check out Glitchedtones profile page now to see all their free sound effects. Click here   »


SoundBits, our latest free sound effects contributor

Our latest free sound effects contributor is, a professional sound design company based in Germany. Founder Saro Sahihi is well versed in sound design having been in the industry since 2000 and progressing his career and skills through study at the SAE Institute in Stuttgart and working on numerous projects. Saro is also a certified trainer for Steinberg. Soundbits sound effects are of superior quality which you can tell instantly from listening the sounds provided here at With over 100 free sound effects from soundbits so far, and more to follow, we are sure this free library will prove an invaluable addition to your projects. Covering a wide range of sounds, ... »