Creating sound effects from things around the kitchen

Yesterday I posted up some sounds recorded quickly around the home, just so we try to keep to our promise to upload new sounds everyday (well, that’s the aim). We’ve just uploaded the last of those. Simple cupboard doors opening, closing and cupboard unit movement. Also we played around with some kitchen utensils. We used the small metal whisks to record some light, loose metal impacts and rummaged around in the cupboards, while recording the result. We were recently asked if we could add some more fight sounds, the kind of karate chop swooshes that are also particularly useful sound effects for knife swipes and other, lighter cartoon uses. Experimenting with the metal whisk, mak... »

Sound Wave

New free sound effects

We didn’t have a great deal of time to record today, so we grabbed our trust Zoom H5, raided the cupboards and got to work recording today’s sound effects. Popcorn…. one of the staples of my kids diets, so we have always a pack or two in the cupboard. First up was pack movements and shakes, standard Foley stuff. Pouring the kernels into my had for take, I spilt them all over the floor. Not to waste the opportunity, we recorded sweeping them up too. Just last week I was asked by a member if we had any keyring Foley sound effects… not too many I realised. So I grabbed a keyring and recorded the sound if it dropping, being catched and also general movements. Lastly for t... »

Sound wave illustration

New free sound effects just added

We’ve been busy today recording loads of new free sound effects in our studio and are still sweating it out now editing them all down. It’s amazing sometimes just how many sounds can be created from the everyday objects you find around the home. A fantastic example of this is the latest Balloon sound effects we uploaded today. From just one cheap balloon (that my daughter got in a party bag) we recorded the obligatory blowing up and deflating sounds (of course), but also modelling balloon twists, squeaks and movements right through to comedy impacts. Next we took some common kitchen utensils. By swishing a whisk through the air and recording it close up, we created the sound of k... »

Sound Wave

Sound effects libraries: We Need You!

We’re soon to launch a new sound effects shop, selling third party professional sound effects libraries as individual downloads. This new shop will fit nicely into our non-profit model, with 100% of our profits being donated to charity. will remain a free sound effects library, however the store will offer our users a huge range of sound effects as an additional extra to our free library if you can’t find the sound you need. Are you a sound designer with a range of sound effects you’d like to sell in our shop? We are looking for professional sound effect libraries to sell, giving you 50% commission on all sale while we donate our 50% to charity (after costs). I... »

Sumo Blanco

Welcome to Sumo Blanco, our latest free sound effects contributor

Sumo Blanco, (AKA Bryan Wilson) is an electronic music producer from Texas, USA, who clearly also has a talent and passion for sound design. Specialising in moods and sci-fi drones, Sumo Blanco has very generously contributed 25 breathtaking atmospheres from his Twisted Drones + Dreamscapes library. In his collection, you’ll find drones, etheral atmospheres and down right menacing tones. His sound effects are perfect backgrounds to genres such as science fiction, horror and for games, apps, films and much more. We are very grateful for his contribution to and we hope you enjoy using his sound effects as much as we have so far. You can listen and download all of Sumo Blanco... »

Martyn Stonehouse

New contributor Martyn Stonehouse

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our latest free sound effects contributor Martyn Stonehouse, sound designer extraordinaire who has generously contributed 100 sound designed synth elements to Martyn, said of joining zapsplat: “Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with Reaktor for sound design applications, using Spark, Prism and some tools I’ve built myself. In particular I was interested in designing synthetic, futuristic machine sounds that could well be put to use in a science fiction game or similar. You can find out more about my sound design work via my website ( and I’d love to hear from you if you end up using any o... »

Lilesound Library

New free sound effects contributor: Lilesound Library

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our latest free sound effects contributor, Lilesound Library. Basic in Paris, France, Lilesound Library is a professional team of sound designers and field recordists recording and creating unique, high quality sound libraries. Their impressive range of sounds contains everything from ocean and nature ambiences, city and urban backgrounds, vehicles, Foley and much more. Over 50 of their sound effects are available for free here at in both .mp3 and .wav format. Once you get a taste of just how amazing they are, then be sure to head over to their website to browse all their libraries. You can browse all Lilesound&#... »


Sound effects created by robots, can AI really replace sound designers and Foley artists?

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab recently conducted research to see if a computer could digitally recreate sound effects using synthesis from recognising real world actions and materials from videos. The team spent several months recording around 1000 videos of actions producing sound effects and fed these into the system they have been creating. The result, they say is a system well on the way to being able to fool the human brain into believing the sound it produces in response to the video is the real acoustic sound result from the action. The resulting sounds from the tests of the system were then played to humans, who were inclined to pick the fake sounds ove... »

Sound Ex Machina

New contributor Sound Ex Machina brings new free sound effects

We are pleased to welcome Sound Ex Machina, a new sound effects library bringing 75 free sound effects to S.E.M are a young, innovative and creative studio that produces a wide range of sound effects libraries for professional use. Of the 75 free sound effects they have kindly contributed, you’ll find everything from animals and insects, rural ambiences, turntables and electronic equipment, sports, app and game tones, rivers, ocean, water and much more. Sound Ex Machina’s contribution takes our total free sound effects library to over 10,300 sounds as of this writing with more exciting libraries to follow. Remember if you upgrade your account with us by making a sma... »

Mangled Screams

SoundBits releases ‘Mangled Screams’ free sound effects library

If you use sound effect libraries on a regular basis then you have almost certainly heard of SoundBits, the professional sound effects library fronted by Saro Sahihi. SoundBits recently released their amazing ‘Mangled Screams’ sound library completely free. The library boasts 55 stereo WAV sound files at 48kHz / 96kHz 24bit stereo. Heavily processed screams are the focus here which seemingly would suit a wide range of applications, from games and apps to horror films and radio production. This library is a must have and being completely free, we highly recommend you go grab a copy now (link below). Download the Mangled Screams free sound effects library here »