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The Gamemaster Pro Sound Collection: An In-Depth Review

The Gamemaster Pro Sound Collection contains 8076 sound effects, which is all the material from all their libraries, which can also be purchased individually. When not on sale, it retails for $58.8, which works out at roughly 137 sound effects per dollar. This price includes European VAT so it may well be even cheaper where you live. Even if this was just a pack of source material, developed for s... »


Eight Reasons Sound Designers Should Consider Intensity

Intensity is a plugin from a company one reviewer from Production Expert dubbed “the mad scientists at Zynaptiq” and, as anyone who knows Zynaptiq’s plugins will be able to attest, he’s not wrong, given that they have built a reputation for creating unconventional and ground-breaking software. Although, at first glance, Intensity might seem to be a plugin better suited to t... »